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Presenter   Title
Adam, Sheila   Debate: Nurse-Led or Medically-Led Teams
Bådstøløkken, Per Martin   Full-scale simulation training of MET and staff from general ward
Bell, Max   How to do your MET research
Bell, Max   Making sense of the evidence
Bellomo, Rinaldo   METS: Evidence For and Against
Bellomo, Rinaldo   METS Around the World: Australia
Bellomo, Rinaldo   Medical Emergency Team Activation
Bellomo, Rinaldo   Delayed Activation: Incidence and Cost
Bengtsson, Åsa   Medical emergency team implementation
Bunkenborg   Ward nurses´observations
Cardinal, P   Determining Training Requirements of a RRS Provider
Cardinal, Pierre   How we think in a crisis The basis for training in RRS’s
Cerchiari, Erga   From CPR to RRS: the evolving role of resuscitation societies
DeVita, Michael   Rapid Response Systems: Setting the Scene
DeVita, Michael   Intro To Resuscitaion Sessions
DeVita, Michael   Intermittent vs Continuous Monitoring
Gilleland, J   Strategic Planning and Septic Shock
Hägglund, Oscar    MET in the Perspective of Young Physicians
Hunt, Betsy   Rapid Response System Research: Lessons Learned
Jäderling, Gabriella   To MET or not to MET
Johansson, Anna   The Contribution of Social Sciences to Effective METs
Kodall   Organizing MET in Hillerød Hospital
Lighthall, Geoffrey  

MET versus RRT Which would you want?

Lippert, Anne   Monitoring all in-hospital patients continuously – con
Møller, Marianne   Teamwork - training nurses and doctors in rapid response
Odell, Mandy   Why don’t nurses call for help: results of a systematic review
Odell, Mandy   MET - Reports from around the world: United Kingdom
Øvretveit, John   The contribution of social sciences to implementing METs
Ramsey, G.   Critical Care Outreach – the UK approach
Reynolds, Stuart   Rapid Response Systems: navigating the minefields of culture change
Reynolds, Stuart   MET Reports: RRS in Canada
Rubulotta, Francesca   MET Reports: RRS in Italy
Sarani, Babak   Medical Emergency Team Impact on Resident and Staff Education
Scott, Susan D.   Second Victims: Caring for Our Own- An Emotional Rapid Response Team
Thormar, Katrin    MET REPORT - DENMARK
Whiteley, Simon   Development of a Paediatric Advanced Warning Score (PAWS)